Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Better Day :)

Well, yesterday finally felt like a better day. First of all, it is the first of the month, thus we got to vote on new soda selections, and it is Diet Coke month people!!! wahooo!! That will make everything better! I also got to meat with the Life Coach for the first time, and that feels positive to me. For some reason the Life Coach and her positivity and method of refrming negative thinking is really rubbing off on me. We set some general gaols of things I want to work on- being more optimistic and less critical, finding "self love" and getting some guidence on which direction I want to go school and career-wise. I feel good about this.
Yesterday I also got off of 24-hour bathroom observations (yay!!) and couck rest (double yay!!!!). I am quite happy with this, even though I dont have any extra privleges. Tho only thing I am annoyed with at the moment is that my tube is clogged again and it looks like it is going to have to be re-replaced. I am NOT happy about this. But there is not much I can do about the situation, so to quote my dad "it is what it is".
The movie we voted on for tomorrow is "Year One". It does not really sound like my type of film- has anyone seen it? Not sure I will go, but it IS free. Saturday's outing is the St. Louis Art Museum, which I probably won't go to. Museums are not really my thing, and it is in Forest Park, which is supposedly crazy busy on the Fourth.
All in All, things are better today. What are you doing to celebrate the Fourth of July??


Anonymous said...

Hmm, will this work? You should go to Forest Park, just for old times' sake. Glad to hear you're off couch rest. My fingers are crossed for weight gain.

Jen said...

hmm, is this Melody? :)

Angel said...

Damn, you guys are lucky... you get soda! That was the 1st thing I did when I got out of IP was stop @ Subway and get me a Diet Coke bc we weren't allowed to have any!

Jen said...

I know! That was a major influencing factor for me, lol. J/k. They are limited though- 3/day