Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!



Quick update, as it is "late".

The last few days have been considerably better. I did end up having to get my tube replaced again on Thursday. Apparently I have "kinky intestines" and thus the tube will likely continue to have issues.


So eating disorders really mess with the normalization of bowel movements. I had gone about two weeks without having a BM, and by Thursday-Friday was in serious pain. It hurt to stand or move. It killed to sit. Eating and having pressure on my stomach was torturous. And I literally looked about eight months pregnant. Friday they discussed sending me to urgent care, but instead gave me some major laxatives that are typically given to patients before they have bowel surgery. I finally got some relief today. Currently not full of shit, at least in the literal sense!

Otherwise things have been moving along, hehe. No movie last night, as there was not one that everyone was interested in seeing. Today we went to Borders again, where I was able to show some self restraint...but could have used more :/

Yesterday my dietitian called and let me know my weight was climbing too much (or too fast) and she decreased my meal plan. The thought of gaining so much weight freaks me out, but I am trying to be relieved that my dietitian is sticking to her word, and also let myself know that part of my weight gain may be due to the other issues I was having.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth!!!


Amanda Jayne said...

Ahhh... aren't good BMs just the best thing ever?

Jen said...

omg, YES!!!!